Childbirth Education

As a Birth and Beyond Resources Childbirth Education Coach, I am committed to helping you find the beauty in your birth. We encompass all aspects of pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, infant care & postpartum. Series are 6-8 weeks for group sessions. Private series are available as well. 
A “crash course” is also available if your guess date is right around the corner! 

Class Description
This curriculum has been designed to educate expectant parents on pregnancy wellness, labor, delivery, postpartum care, newborn care and parent life. My classes are holistic and comprehensive, covering everything you need to know to prepare for an all natural, unmedicated labor and birth... the safest for both the birthing person and baby.  We also will cover newborn care, nursing, postpartum care and so much more!

My goal is to help you find  b e a u t y  in your birthing experience! 
It is always possible, even in the unexpected circumstances..
The information given in this class is evidenced-based. It is not intended to take the place of your care provider’s advice or protocol. If information given conflicts with your care provider’s information, it is my recommendation that you research further in order to make an informed decision about your care. It is never too late to interview and switch your OB/Midwife. 
Payment plans are always available and I will never turn away someone with financial restrictions. Please let me know if you have a financial situation and I will work with you. 
Group Series - $375 per couple. The curriculum workbook is included and classes will be held at a local yoga studio or my home with other couples. Class series is 8 weeks long, one night a week, 3 hours per class. You can Skype in as well if you can not make a night or if you don't live locally.
Private Series - $500 per couple. The curriculum workbook is included and classes will be held at your meeting place of choice (your home, a local coffee shop, Panera, etc..) Private sessions will be a total of 13-15 hours. You choose how to break up the time; 5 sessions, 3 hours each or 3 sessions at 5 hours each, for example. We could also Skype if you don't live locally. 

Upon signing up for a class, a deposit of $50 is required to hold your spot. You may pay in full, agree to pay in installments or pay at each class. 100% of your class fee is due by the last class. Your attendance and undivided attention is required at every class. Below is a googledoc to fill once you are ready to sign up for classes. Feel free to contact me for more info via text or call  631-655-7404 or by email

Let me know if you have financial restrictions - I can always make it work! Just like I say in my doula contract, everyone deserves education and support. 

With the series, each couple will receive:
*Plenty of useful, practical information
*Videos for homework to help further your research
*Access to my library of books
*Access to birth videos that will help you prepare
*Access to me, as I am available to you 24 hours a day throughout your pregnancy and beyond for questions or support
*Discounts to my doula services and other birth support fees

Please dress comfortably!  

Feel free to contact me with any concerns you have until then:  
Alex Sullivan 631-655-7404