Birth Support

$1,000 - Birth Support
$1,500 - Doula Package

Birth Doula Support

*Currently Accepting Home Birth Clients for March-August 2020*

A Doula’s Role
My role as your doula is to assist you during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond. 
I will share knowledge, research and experience in order to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and informational support. My goal is to help you achieve the birth that you desire. 
I am self-employed and hired by you; I do NOT replace your caregiver

What Doula’s Do NOT Do:
Replace medical staff, give medical advice, take blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, make decisions for you, sign documents.

Availability/On-Call Period
Upon hiring, I am available to you via text or email (please reserve phone calls for emergencies). On-call labor support begins at 38 weeks. It may take up to two hours for me to get to you, considering I have children that need childcare. We will be in nearly constant contact the last few weeks so don't worry, labor won't just sneak up on us! 
If you go into labor before 38 weeks gestation, my attendance is not guaranteed but I will do my best to be present. Life does happen so I will have a back up doula in place in case of unforeseen need (me or my child is sick, car trouble, family emergency).
 In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your birth, due to no fault of my own (unforeseen emergency, inclement weather, acts of God, precipitous/fast birth, lack of adequate contact by birthing person), the amount paid will not be refunded.
Prenatal Conference
We will have 1-2 prenatal meetings to get to know one another, meet your partner/birth team, establish or review your birth plan and talk in detail about different ways to manage labor discomforts. I will ask about your knowledge of the birthing process and will provide any information as needed or requested. I would like to know of any internal resources we can draw upon to assist you with the birthing experience (prayer, meditation, affirmation, touch, silent support, etc.).  I have many resources, facebook support groups, and book recommendations to share and connect you with. I also would like to know how you foresee yourself and your partner/birth team working together, the struggles you may have and the roles of each person during the labor and birth process. Again, my role is to help you have your desired birth, however YOU define it. The more we dream about it, the better I can help that dream come true!
Early Labor
If you believe that you are in labor, call AND text me right away. We will evaluate and make a plan to check in every so often depending on your status. Never feel as though you are being a bother, it is my job to reassure you and keep you feeling comfortable, relaxed and at ease with the process. 

Labor, Delivery & Postpartum
I offer comfort techniques such as guided breathing, Rebozo, massage, counter pressure, different movements/positions, essential oils, etc… I will create as much of a safe, comfortable environment for you to birth, as I can possibly can; music, birth affirmations, essential oils, etc. I can help gather information so you can make informed decisions about your birth. I do not speak for you to medical staff, but I can advocate for you to have a “minute to think” or ask for space.  One of my biggest roles is to provide continuous emotional support throughout your entire birthing experience. I remain with you until there is a successful breastfeeding session and you have settled into your postpartum rest. I am available for immediate breastfeeding support and have many lactation consultant recommendations if you need further assistance. I will provide 1-2 postpartum visits to check up on you and baby. I am very familiar with postpartum issues and will be here for you to listen, help, reflect and advise. 

I will kindly remind you if we begin to deviate from your birth plan.
I will verify that it is happening by your informed decision and 
make sure you are okay with what is happening.
If medical interventions arise, I will discuss and inform you of your options. 
I will NEVER sit back and allow my client to be violated by a medical provider. 
Although I do not speak for you, I will always speak up for you.
If a situation arises and you feel as though you aren’t being heard or if you feel that you are being disrespected, I am there for you.

Investment Fees:

Birth Support $1,000
1)     Childbirth Education (Birth & Beyond Curriculum)
2)     My undivided attention and constant support during labor & delivery (virtual support if at hospital)

Doula Package $1,500
1)     1-2 prenatal meetings
2)     Childbirth Education Classes (Birth & Beyond Curriculum)
3)     24/7 text & email communication and on call labor support from 38 weeks on
4)     My undivided attention and constant support during labor & delivery (virtual support if at hospital)
5)     Gentle hands on support and guidance during the first breastfeeding session
6)     1-2 Postpartum visits (including breastfeeding support)
7)     Physical, emotional and spiritual support during pregnancy, labor & beyond 
8)     Help creating your birth plan
9)     Attended visit with midwife
10)   Evidence-based resources for various topics

*Placenta Encapsulation + $275
Final Thoughts..
*You deserve a doula* 
I offer discounts and affordable payment plans for those who feel they cannot afford my fee, including low income, financial hardship and teen mothers. Your personal and financial status will be taken into account to determine whether or not you qualify for a reduced fee. 
Please take the time to discuss payment options before you say no to a doula's help!

10% reduced fee to Birth and Beyond Resources Village Members 
A 50% non refundable deposit is due at the time of signing contract. 
The remaining balance is due at 36 weeks gestation.
After you submit the contract, you will receive an email from me with your invoice.
*Paypal or Venmo Email –*